The gateley procurement blog is back from its holidays….

The Blog is now back from holidays and is slowly coming to terms with the fact that the weather is no longer going to be blue skies from dawn to dusk with the temperature fluctuating within the very narrow band of 25 to 35 degrees C.

The Greek elections took place shortly after we left and the outcome appears to represent a swing back towards support for the austerity programme. It has to be said that this is borne of a fear of the consequences of leaving the Euro rather than any positive desire to embrace the rescue plan which ultimately brought down the previous Government.

The Today Programme on Radio 4 put it best – voters were holding their noses whilst voting.

A breathing space has been created although there is a lot of sentiment around suggesting once again that the can has simply been kicked a bi further down the road.

Whilst all these momentous events in Greece were unfolding in the background, it was interesting to observe Club Med’s own procurement strategies in action. Wherever possible, goods and services appear to be sourced from France. Equally, senior personnel and team leaders also seem to be French Nationals. This clearly helps them preserve a clear national identity – something which would have been much more difficult to achieve had it been an organ of the French State itself….

How deeply this was ingrained became apparent during a sailing lesson. The instructor ruefully admitted that whilst the boat we would be using had been sourced from France, the sail came from China – clearly a source of acute embarrassment for him.

Ah well, back to business as usual….

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