RIBA Report and Survey: Building Ladders of Opportunity

This RIBA report is directed at identifying how procurement reform could be a key driver of growth in the UK Economy.

We will return to the detail, but there are some eye opening statistics:

• 42 per cent of all responding practices submitted at least one OJEU bid in 2011. This ranges from nine per cent of sole practitioners to 88 per cent of larger practices (over 30 staff) submitting at least one bid;
• 17 per cent of practices submitted between one and three OJEU bids in 2011, while nine per cent submitted more than 12 bids;
• the success rate of individual bid stages is 27 per cent (excluding where the outcome is not yet know);
• in two stage processes the bid success rate is reduced to 7 per cent. This success rate reduces further still when practices on framework agreements are required to enter third stage mini-competitions; and
• the estimated overall success rate for architects bidding for OJEU work is 15%.

On top of that, participating in regulated EU procurements reportedly costs the industry £40m per annum.

Both the Report and the Survey which accompanies it are linked below:



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